New Shots With My Camera.....camwhoring..... :)

My Beauty!!!!!

Ok....effects were added with the help of my long.....cheerios!!!


Pictures At Last....

Random Pics at Kluang Coffee Station (Sony-DSC TX1)


....I type this post in....

My sister exclaimed, "Matthew!! your blog is sooooo DEAD!!! Go update it la!!!" And so I took it as an advise and decided to update it a little. Just a little....why?? Because I am a LAZY freak. Haha....

Alright I've been going about lately on a craze of testing cars and bikes with my dad. We tested loads of cars ranging from really fast ones to real slow ones. Well, this experience does get your appetite for speed whetted especially for you guys out there. Nothing beats the sheer pleasure of being able to speed. Go-karting has been my latest hobby too, not to mention mini-biking. Yes, I have turned from a musician to a speed maniac. Anyway, I do believe that speed and music goes hand in hand.

Second update, I have gotten a new Macbook Pro and hopefully by next week, I will be able to change the layout of my blog. Hopefully......No pictures because I am not a photographer but when I do have pics, it will definitely be up. Anyway just keep checking my facebook to see pics of beautiful, sleek roadrunners.


Mid Year.....

Okay...its been really long since I last blogged, since I last connected with my friends, since I even been in town.... truth be told, I was real busy with my new life....Life has always been a roller-coaster ride, it always is and always will, that is what I have found out all this while.

Love my new life as a music producer, still learning the ways of the pros. However, as much as I enjoy this new life and new education, there are ups and downs. But during the downs is when you leared lots more, that's what I found out. no point bringing out those times as it is already done with and dusted. Now my life is gearing on to a different direction which is steered by God alone. No more going on my own self-righteous thoughts and ambitions like I used to but being more serious in life about choices I make as some choices can kill you while some make you.

So the 1st half of the year is done with and dusted down so I am looking forward to this second half of the year with greater expectations and trust in God alone. No more time-wasting, no more looking back, just keep moving forward, that's the best thing I should do. School life is gone and as much as I enjoyed it, it is the PAST and past is past, life moves on. So all my friends out there, my e-mail is still active drop me an e-mail whenever you wish too....also I have rejoined Facebook but deleted my Friendster account so do add me.....thanks lots for all your friendship....

So long, till I'm back with my next a new mix awaiting me in my studio.....ciaoz.....I LOVE MY STUDIES!!!!



Recently, I have embarked on a crazy quest in search of nice novels to be read. So, yesterday, with my college-mate, Samantha, who is also novel-crazy, we went to MPH at MidValley Megamall to search for several novels. Here is what I got.....

1) John Grisham's Courtroom Thriller

2) Tom Clancy's Novels!!!

My friend's novels were more girlish and does not really appeal to me at all. Therefore, I would not bother to post them as I am LAZY!!! haha...So long!!



1) I am in college...

2) It is not like normal school where everything is planned.

3) I am growing older (2 more years and I am in my second decade of life)

4) I have to start making my own choices instead of constantly depending on my parents.

5) The choices that I make now can affect my future ahead of me!!!

With all these nagging thoughts, I am rather flustered. They are so threatening in a way and excitinng in other ways. Never mind, I am just ranting away....College is FUNNN!!!!!!!


CNY Aftermath

Okay, CNY is almost done and everyone is back to work and back to school. As for me, I am stilll struggling to adapt to my old routine after a week of relaxing, fun and collecting money :D . Well, after CNY, I have to prepare to start life as a student again in ICOM. Monday's my first day and I am so damn scared. I do not know why but just the thought of college on Monday sends shivers down my spine. Maybe I'll just forget about it for the moment. So far, things have been sailing around me smoothly and I can say that I kinda enjoy sitting back and relaxing in my house. Haha. Call me lazy but after years of primary and secondary school, slogging for exams and waking up early, I really loved life served on a more relaxing tray. My mum's definitely not in favor of me just sitting back and doing nothing, though. She makes me clean the house, wash the car, and get groceries for her which I find it better then having to slog to school everyday.

Well, well, so much for being lazy. I guess I have to kick this old habit that has nagged at me for months. I am even lazy to blog about my CNY holiday to Bali. So, I'll just leave it to my sister to do the blogging in her blog which she still hasn't done yet because we both are suffering from temporary brain shutdown. So, I guess you guys would have to be happy with the short explanation of my holiday. As for angpows, economic downturn has caused a slack in the amount of angpows. Anyway, it is not the amount that matters but the heart. At least, some people still have the heart to give angpows in the midst of the economic crisis.

Signing off for now....till next time.....